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Emergency Drills

2016-17 Drill Schedule
Fire Drills:
9/26/16 (Completed)
10/3/16 (Completed)
10/10/16 (Completed)
12/1/16 (Unscheduled-Completed)
5/8/17 (Completed)
5/25/17 (Completed)
Tornado/Severe Weather Drills:
2/6/17 (Completed)
3/20/17 (Completed)
5/3/17 (Completed)
Lockdown Drills:
11/7/16 (Completed)
12/5/16 (Completed)
1/9/17 (Completed)
3/6/17 (Unscheduled-Completed)
Previous Years' Drills: