Important News: Social Media Warning

Eaton Academy Parents,


Recently there has been several news reports about the “Momo Challenge,” so I wanted to share with you some information about this internet hoax that depicts a disturbing image and character that encourages children to harm themselves and dares them, while warning children not to tell their parents. This story is getting national attention and some of our students are talking about it. The video appears as a “pop up” in various children centered videos and is reported to have appeared on social media accounts, including YouTube and YouTube Kids, Roblox, WhatsApp and other apps that have chat capabilities. 

Whether or not the Momo Challenge is real, which has been debated, this is a good time to encourage open dialogue and remind children of internet safety and best practices:


  • Remind children that information shared on social media is not always truthful.
  • Children should never engage in conversations with strangers online.
  • Use privacy settings and “pop up” blockers
  • Be aware of the sites and apps your children are using and know their usernames and passwords.
  • Turn off suggested autoplay on videos to stop children from viewing content they have not selected, and you have not approved.
  • If appropriate, tell your children that Momo is not real and will not hurt them.
  • Encourage open dialogue with them around any concerns.


For more information:


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach to me or any the Eaton Team.




Todd Yarch