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Principal's Message

First, I would like to welcome all parents to the new Eaton Academy.  And I say the NEW Eaton Academy because we working to change the culture. All of our staff has been collaborating and creating new and innovative ways to create a family culture that fosters the ability for students to recognize their potential through critical thinking and understanding that success differs.

My educational philosophy stems from my belief that every child, regardless of where they grow up or their socioeconomic status, should have the opportunity to receive a high quality education with the expectation that all students can achieve at the highest level, I believe that all students should be afforded the same level of rigor and college preparation, not just those who are deemed inherently able to achieve college success. College success should be an expectation and realistic goal for all students in all communities. These beliefs have led me to teach and lead in urban communities in Chicago, Memphis, and now Eastpointe. Too often, urban schools use uncontrollable, external factors as a crutch for why improvements cannot be made or students cannot achieve.

We know that the system has been failing our students and we are bridging the gap between our students and their success. We level the playing field by providing equity and equality. We acknowledge that students learn different  and it is our duty to help them find what works. As a result, we are changing the way our students perceive education and their futures.

We instill characteristics such as collaboration, resilience, critical thinking, inventiveness, and a sense of self and expression in our students. Our students will carry these values as they continue their education journey and forge success.We love our kids and what we do. They deserve nothing less than our best!


Todd Yarch


It’s a GREAT DAY to be a PANTHER!