Students marching and holding protest signs


Making a Difference!

The Eaton Academy Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) was established at the beginning of the 2015-16 school year. The PTO was a driving force behind fundraising, school improvement and increasing student achievement through the hard work and dedication of parents and teachers from the Eaton community. The PTO raised over $2000 for students through fundraisers such as, Little Casers Pizza Kits, Cheese Cake Factory Cheesecakes, and The Popcorn Factory popcorn. The PTO sponsored school activities such as the Winter Concert, dances, and field trips. The PTO increases student achievement through constant communication on the importance of standardized tests, homework and reaching school-wide goals established by the School Improvement Team.


How can I get involved? 

The PTO is not currently in session, but each parent is welcome to contact Eaton Academy through our main phone line, as we can help organize monthly meetings.