Students marching and holding protest signs

Celebrating Black History Month at Eaton Academy!

Dear Parents, Students, and Families,
February is Black History Month, a time to honor and celebrate the rich heritage, culture, and contributions of African Americans throughout history. At Eaton Academy, we are proud to recognize this important month and commemorate the achievements and legacies of black leaders and trailblazers.
Throughout the month of February, our school has been bustling with activities and events to highlight the significance of Black History Month. Here are some notable highlights:
HBCU Week in Middle School: Our middle school students had the opportunity to learn about Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) during HBCU Week. Through interactive presentations, discussions, and project-based learning, students gained insight into the profound impact of HBCUs on higher education and their role in shaping African American history.
Decorations Celebrating Black History: Our school has been adorned with vibrant decorations and displays celebrating black history and culture. From inspiring quotes to iconic images of prominent black figures, these decorations serve as a visual reminder of the remarkable contributions of Black Americans to society.
Upcoming School Program: We are thrilled to announce an upcoming school program on February 29 at 1 PM, where students will showcase their talents and creativity through songs and skits celebrating Black History Month. Each grade level has been diligently preparing performances that pay homage to influential black leaders, pivotal moments in history, and the enduring spirit of resilience and perseverance. The program will be held at St. Veronica's Church across the street.
We invite all parents, students, and staff to join us in celebrating Black History Month and honoring the incredible achievements of African Americans past and present. Let us use this month as an opportunity to reflect, learn, and inspire one another to continue the legacy of equality, justice, and unity.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making Black History Month a meaningful and memorable experience at Eaton Academy. Together, we can continue to celebrate diversity, promote inclusivity, and foster understanding in our school community and beyond.
Warm regards,
Eaton Academy Staff