Students marching and holding protest signs

State Representative Kimberly Edwards Inspires Eaton Academy Third Graders During Reading Month Celebration

March is indeed a special month for readers, and Eaton Academy was thrilled to welcome Michigan State Representative Kimberly Edwards to our third-grade classes for a memorable celebration of reading. Representative Edwards' visit not only brought excitement to our students but also reinforced the importance of literacy in our community.
During her visit, Representative Edwards captivated the young minds with her storytelling skills and encouraged students to read aloud, engaging the students with tales from beloved books. Her presence and enthusiasm left a lasting impression on our eager readers. As she and the students read aloud, the classroom buzzed with excitement.
One of the highlights of the visit was the opportunity for students to ask Representative Edwards questions. With curiosity and eagerness, the third graders seized this chance to learn more about their community and the life of a state representative. Representative Edwards graciously fielded their inquiries, inspiring our students to be informed and engaged citizens.
The entire Eaton Academy community is grateful to Representative Kimberly Edwards for her dedication to promoting literacy and for taking the time to visit our school during Reading Month. Her visit served as a reminder of the power of reading to inspire, educate, and unite us all. We look forward to continuing to foster a love for reading in our students and celebrating the joy of literature throughout the year.

Eaton Academy Staff